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Office Hours:
Beijing time GMT+8
every day: 8:00~22:00
Orders will be handled within 10 hours!

how to use taobao agent FAQ

  • Q 1. Out of stock.
  • Taobao agent suggests clients change or cancel the out-of-stock product.
  • Q 2. Purchasing information is not clear.
  • Please give us the exact size you want to buy. Some clients only tell us the weight and height or the length of foot, but do not give us a clear size. Taoba-agents requests you to provide a clear size for us.
  • Q 3. Some products need to be ordered.
  • Some goods may take one week for ordering, some may need a month or even longer, especially some COSPLAY clothes and shoes, so the whole order will take a long time to finish. Taobao-agents advises customers to send goods separately, we can deliver the goods which do not need order at first and leave the custom products for next delivery.
  • Q 4. Buy lots from one seller, but some are out of stock.
  • Sometimes, customers may buy many things from just one seller, unfortunately only parts of them were available. Then if you still want to change for other links from the same seller, Taobao-agents suggests you let seller send us goods together, it will save the domestic delivery. If you just want to cancel the out-of-stock, we can ask seller to send us immediately.
  • Q 5. Seller sent wrong goods
  • Taobao-agents will return goods for exchanging. Most TaoBao sellers are not professional, this situation always happens. Taobao-agents will show customers the pictures of the wrong goods. If they accept them, we will take it, if they want to exchange or refund, we will return goods to seller.
  • Q 6. Seller forgot to send goods.
  • Taobao-agents suggests the clientsr buy them next time. But if you can wait, we will ask the seller to send them as soon as possible.
  • Q 7. Repeatedly out-of-stock
  • Some products are always out of stock, the customer have to replace the links repeatedly. It will waste a lot of time and energy. Taobao-agents advises clients to select some sellers with high reputation and large volume, their stock-out possibility will be smaller.
  • Q 8. Size is larger or smaller than standard.
  • If the seller inform us the size is larger or smaller than standard, our sales will send you a feedback immediately. In this case, please provide us with more information, such as the length of feet, your height and weight, so that Taobao-agents can advise you the right size.
  • Q 9. Color difference
  • Taobao-agents should remind you that the color difference can not be the reason for returning the goods on taobao. The color of the same goods may differ in different computers. What is more, the different camera and photography technique will lead to different the color, too. If the customers want to buy better products, please select products with higher price. Generally speaking, the higher the price is, the better the quality will be.
  • Q 10. Get the broken goods
  • Sometimes the goods may be damaged on the way to our company. Taobao-agents will handle this, but it may take several days, please be patient.
  • Q 11. Free domestic delivery
  • There are some products marked postfree, but in fact it is not, the seller will still charge us that. And some domestic delivery fee is paid separately instead of together with items. The actual domestic delivery fee should subject to the real situation.

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